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Warm Water Underfloor Heating is a highly effective and efficient method of heating your home. It is suitable for a wide range of both domestic and commercial projects. With the wide range of systems that TASC Floor Systems can supply, we have solutions for new builds, renovations or even just a single room, like a new kitchen, conservatory or office.

The flexibility and affordability of modern UFH systems means we can lay pipework with the minimum disruption to your home. Our fully guaranteed installations can be fitted in screed, ranging from 10mm to 50mm, between joists and beneath floating floors, making them ideal for any application.

Our skilled team of designers can answer your questions and quickly give you an idea of costings, so you can decide if warm water underfloor heating is the right solution for your project. Why not call use today for a chat? We can be reached on:

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Warm Water Under Floor Heating (also referred to as ‘wet underfloor heating’ or ‘warm water UFH’) is the perfect solution for heating your home. Ideal for new build, renovation or simply a home improvement.


Warm Water Underfloor Heating is all hidden away beneath your floor and so creates the perfect safe option for young children and the elderly. It’s also great for allergy sufferers or anyone suffering with asthma, as the warmth provided by a UFH installation is free from draughts and dust movements, typically created by radiators and wall heaters, that can aggravate these conditions.

Our UFH thermostats work with your Smartphone, so you can set your UFH system to automatically turn down a few degrees when you leave the house, and turn itself back up when you return home. You can programme your different zones direct from your phone, set a holiday period, profiles and more.

Why not call one of our Team Today and get your questions answered. An informal chat will answer:

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  • How Underfloor Heating is installed
  • The benefits UFH offers over conventional heating
  • How Warm Water UFH compares to radiators
  • Is UFH suitable for my project? New Build, Renovation, Extension or Improvements?
  • Our Design Team will guide you through the most popular UFH systems, explaining how they are installed and the suitability to your home
  • How TASC Floor Systems can design a bespoke heating solution for your home
  • The best way to control your UFH system. Smartphone… Wireless Stats…
UFH Efficiency




With other forms of heating, such as warm air or radiators, (which heat a room by convection – a circulatory motion of warm air), if you leave the back door open for five minutes, all the heated air escapes. But with UFH the structure of the building itself stays warm, regardless of air temperature changes. Warm water UFH uses far lower flow temperatures than a traditional radiator system, meaning UFH is often around 25% more efficient than a traditional radiator system. We install wired or wireless thermostats in different zones throughout your home, giving you complete control of your comfort levels.


With Underfloor Heating, the heat gently emits upwards from the floor. This gives the luxurious feel of warm feet and a cool head without any cold spots or draughts often felt with a traditional radiator systems. UFH also warms any usually cold floor coverings, such as tiles or engineered wood, and we can install floor temperature probes for wet rooms and kitchens, so even on a warm day, you don’t have to experience that cold tile feeling under foot.


With underfloor heating throughout your living areas, you’ll find you won’t get “warm spots”, but instead a much more balanced, ambient warmth throughout the entire room. Because underfloor heating is an ‘invisible’ heating system, with all the warm water pipework hidden beneath the floor, the homeowner has much more flexibility with wall space as there is no longer a need for ugly, intrusive radiators. This flexibility makes underfloor heating ideal for places like kitchens, conservatories and home offices, where space is at a premium.

UFH Types



With our range or UFH systems, we can find a solution to warm up any room. Large or small, upstairs or down. New or old, renovation or extension. With our German partners, we have designed the perfect solution for every home. Speak to one of our Team today to explore the possibilities.


Screed and UFHUFH is both cost-effective and simple to install as part of a new build project, and our team is well known for meeting deadlines and keeping project’s on schedule. With a full range of Screed finishes available, TASC Proline™ UFH is the most common system choice for projects like this. The pipe to carry the warm water is clipped through a polythene membrane into standard insulation before the screed is poured. TASC Proline™ is a perfect solution for a new build.


Low Profile UFH ScreedThere’s no need to spend time or money digging up existing floors with the TASC Slimline™ range of retrofit UFH. Our system can be laid directly on top of an existing floor in as little as 10mm of screed. This offers the lowest height build‑up on the market, meaning little to no alterations to existing fittings.


Joists UFH ScreedThe TASC Retrofit™ solutions make UFH a realistic heating replacement for thousands of renovation projects. Fixing between joists or beneath floating floors, there’s a solution for you.


Joists UFH Floating FloorIf you are looking to install UFH in one single area, such as a kitchen or conservatory, our installers are well known for causing minimal disruption to the homeowner.

Once you’ve planned your installation with our design team, our installers turn up on time, liaise with the homeowner regarding parking, access and a water supply, then proceed quickly and efficiently installing your new heating system.

Our team are always dressed smartly in our company brand, leave your home as they found it, and you with a smile on your face.




From homeowners to multi-national builders, TASC Floor Systems are one of the leading suppliers and installers of UFH across the country. With our attractive pricing, bespoke design and extensive guarantees, customers are delighted with the control, efficiency and savings they make with our Underfloor Heating Systems..

Underfloor Heating Installation

“Can you pass on my regards to the lads who installed the system. They carried out the work in a polite and very professional manner. I would certainly recommend your company again..”


Underfloor Heating Installation

“TASC Floor Systems have been carrying out our work for a number of years on our award winning development at Swn y Dail in Barmouth. We find them totally reliable with regards to schedule and timings. Their work is always carried out to a high standard with no problems and they are a great bunch of lads to work with.”

Stonewest Construction Ltd

Underfloor Heating Installation

“Normally wouldn’t take the time to do something like this, but I must say my wife and I are so happy with the work carried out by the TASC team. The installers were very experienced and provided work to a very high professional standard. Friendly, helpful and polite. Couldn’t be happier with the end result. Would definitely recommend TASC Floor Systems.”





Get in touch and tell us about your project. TASC Floor Systems are one of the leading suppliers and installers of UFH for homeowners. Even if you’re just starting to plan your project, progressing quickly with a build or extension, or just looking to upgrade an existing heating system, get in touch. Call Us or drop us an email. We don’t do hard selling – we just want to see people discover the fantastic benefits of a water based underfloor heating system.

Complete this initial enquiry form and one of our team will call you back. If you have any details, such as room sizes, existing boiler system, timescales, best time to call, just pop them in the message box. One of our Team will call you back in the next 24hrs.

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TASC Floor Systems has been designing and supplying warm water underfloor heating for over 15 years. Our systems are all designed and supplied in‑house to meet the specific needs and every project, regardless of size. Every project is overseen by our experts from start to finish and all our installations come with an extensive guarantee.

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